Frequently asked questions

Do your products actually use Goat's milk from your herd?

YES~ All of our goats milk products have milk derived from our funny farm, from one of our four does!

What are the Goat's names

Emerald (Nubian five years old) Fawn (Nubian Nigerian Cross Baby) Midnight (Nigerian Dwarf three year old) Betsy (Alpine Yearling) Barbara (Alpine Yearling) PlayBoy 2.0 (Nigerian Buck yearling)

Does the lotion expire?

All of our products have a shelf life of one year after posted date on product, after that year, freshness cannot be guarantteed! This DOES NOT mean the product is bad, however its scent may start to fade dont worry though, its still amazing for your hands!

Does our lotion need to be refridgerated?

No, our lotion does not need to be refridgerated. However if you are saving it for a longer more then a month, it is best to stay in a cool, dry area, like the fridge!