Big Honey honey is raw unpasteurized, all natural, local honey. Located between Door and Kewaunee county, 10 min north of Luxemburg.  Big Honey honey is extracted several times a year. This extraction process allows the honey to be mixed providing the best combination of honey for health benefits and taste. Local honey is a good defense against seasonal allergies, has many natural nutritional properties, and of course enhances recipes. It’s also an easy way to get a natural boost of energy while on the go. You can find Big Honey LLC on facebook or shop at WaterFront Creations.

Added notes to know:

Big Honey honey comes in a variety of sizes. The 2oz is especially popular for weddings, baby announcements, party favors and thank you gifts. Both the labels and colors can be customized and bulk pricing is available. 

We also offer a $100 and $200 hive sponsorship program which includes newsletters, seasonal hive name plate, a honey payout, and hands on hive work. It’s a sweet deal! 

Lastly we make a honey based salve. Our HONEY based salve is a combination of beeswax, oils, witch hazel, coconut, and HONEY. It works as an anti-inflammatory, astringent, and antibacterial agent. It is used best on blisters, burns and cuts,rashes, sunburns and wounds as well as on dry and chapped skin. 

Codi McIntyre

Big Honey LLC

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