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NEW FALL COVID-19 giveaway!!!!!

All you have to do is,

Go to our page and scroll across the top to the right and Click on COMMUNITY.


Click ALL

Then just wait a few seconds while invitations are sent. It's as simple as that. Please comment when you have so we can personally thank you.

Supporting small businesses doesn't require spending a lot of money - it's as simple as liking, sharing, and promoting. It really does mean a lot, especially in times like now, it is also a great way to get the mind off of the hot topic of politics!

Thank you in advance!

If we we reach 2000 likes we will give-away a $25.00 gift certificate! You help us, we will help you!

Anyone who helps us out can get entered for the give-away, all you have to do is:

•Like this Post (Original post)

•Invite ALL friends to our page

• comment “done” on original post

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